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10 Reasons You Should Become Microsoft Azure Certified

2023-02-13 12:03:24 | By CodinixCloud

Category : Digital Transformation

Microsoft Azure is the company's cloud offering, and it's been more popular over the last several years. Many businesses want their IT staff to get Microsoft Azure certification because of the platform's hybrid compatibility. This is a valid justification. Here are the top 10 reasons you should become certified in Microsoft Azure.

1. Flexible Career
With a Microsoft Azure certification, you may take your career in a variety of areas. You might work as a cloud architect, solution architect, or developer. Obtaining the qualification also allows you to work in various professions and locations.

Cloud computing is growing increasingly popular among organisations of all kinds and sectors due to its many advantages in terms of data storage, processing power, and networking. A certification in Azure might help you get a career in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and the entertainment industry. Furthermore, many skilled Azure specialists operate in various nations and locations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and others. However, a Microsoft Azure training centre will be of great help to guide you through this career path.

2. Attractive Salary Package
Getting an official Azure certification demonstrates that you have specialised technical abilities rather than generic ones. Those qualified to operate in the cloud stand out from those in other technology areas.

Azure Developers typically earn $136,768 per year. This is what is considered normal. The annual compensation for an Azure Architect is $152,879 on average. You can make more money as an Azure professional if you take additional courses and advance your career.

Remember that rates might vary from nation to country and firm to company and that the typical yearly income for an Azure specialist can range from $40,914 to $172,170.

3. Fast Learning Process
Microsoft Azure training is simplified, making it simpler to study and expediting the process. You only need to be proficient in using some of Azure's tools. Other user-friendly programmes, such as Hadoop, Xcode, and Eclipse, may be found on the Internet. As a result, new customers may rapidly get acquainted with the platform and begin using Azure's services.

You may prepare for the Azure certification exam using various online resources, including books, videos, university courses, and tutorials. On the other hand, taking professional classes offline is a superior approach to gaining practical skills.

4. Lower IT Costs
Microsoft Azure training bridges the gap between conventional data centres and cloud computing architecture. Consequently, SMEs and MSMEs may now host their infrastructure in the cloud.

You can expand and manage hosted assets more efficiently with an Azure certification. This will help your firm save money on IT expenses. Furthermore, competent specialists may save money on necessary expenses such as the cost of power, the development of new software, and the maintenance of information security systems.

5. Improved Security Standards
Microsoft Azure certifications provide access to enhanced security capabilities such as the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). SDL ensures that your Azure applications are always fully protected and secure. Furthermore, European government authorities in data protection believe Microsoft Azure is a credible and trustworthy cloud service.

Regarding security and privacy, Microsoft Azure satisfies the international standard ISO 27018 for cloud computing. Businesses may now concentrate on things other than security, such as creating new products, thanks to the standard. The Azure certification will teach you all you need to know about safeguarding your data.

6. Proof of Commitment
Because you have to put in a lot of effort to get an Azure certification, it demonstrates that you are devoted to anything. To get a certificate, you must enrol in a class, study diligently, and do well on all of the associated examinations. This demonstrates your ability to concentrate your time and resources on accomplishing a goal and your dedication to making long-term improvements to your career objectives.

Employers place a high value on workers that are dedicated and committed to their jobs. You'll be able to distinguish yourself with the certification. With Azure certification, you may perform better in job interviews than other candidates with comparable work experience. Employers often prefer qualified experts over those who are not.

7. Enterprise Agreement Support
The Microsoft enterprise agreement enables organisations to get discounts on various Microsoft tools and software in return for a commitment to spend a certain amount of money. In most situations, the bigger the purchase, the higher the discount.

Enterprise agreements provide discounts ranging from 15% to 45%. For commercial enterprises, the minimum specified commitment is the addition of 500 new users or devices. You can acquire a job at a company that makes the most of this arrangement by being certified as an Azure expert, and then you can take advantage of the lower price for different tools and services.

8. Professional Development
Every day, more users express an interest in using Azure's services. Obtaining various certifications is a beautiful method to build a solid basis for professional development. These credentials cover multiple subjects that developers and solution professionals find valuable. Microsoft Azure also delivers cloud services to around six million government entities. This implies you could work for a government-related organisation.

9. Improved DevOps Skills
People with a basic understanding of Azure may get a DevOps certification via Azure's certification programme. There are two possible results when applying for the Azure DevOps engineer expert certification.

To be evaluated, an applicant must have an associate-level certification in either Azure administration or Azure development. The initial step for newcomers should be to assess their understanding of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. However, obtaining the certificate takes time to make you a DevOps engineer. You must also pass several additional tests. First, you'll need to get more experience.

10. Improve your Artificial Intelligence Skills
The need for competent experts specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineering is increasing at an alarming rate. As a result, there is a considerable need for AI engineers adept at working with Azure.

To become a certified Azure AI engineer, you must complete a certification test and show proficiency in both Azure and AI. Experienced AI developers who want to create AI solutions on Azure should take the exam. During the certification test, your knowledge of natural language processing, computer vision, voice recognition, and bots will be assessed.

Because of the growing number of work prospects in cloud computing, an Azure certification should be sought. It also helps you get more professional opportunities in several sectors and countries. Furthermore, Microsoft azure training service providers will help you have access to many professional development options to help you achieve your goals. Reading this essay has given you a better understanding of whether or not you need an Azure certificate.

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