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Customized Azure DevOps Migration with Quick Solutions For a Software Development Company!

2022-11-14 08:47:42 | By CodinixCloud

Category : Digital Transformation

Industry: IT industry
Country or Region: Pune, INDIA
Customer Size: 70 employees
Number of Users: 25 employees
Client Name: Accural Solution

Executive Summary:

Accural Solution is a Pune-based Software Development Company that migration from Microsoft Visual Source Safe to Microsoft Azure DevOps needed to be more straightforward. Standard techniques could not provide solutions for desired outputs. Therefore, CodinixCloud extended the functionality of open-source tooling to overcome technical issues. We offered our services for the firm to meet its required objectives. CodinixCloud delivered Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery principles to facilitate Accural Solution's movement towards SaaS.

The company faced technical challenges migrating Accural Solution's flagship product from VSS to Azure DevOps. The help required from CodinixCloud was to facilitate effective methods of operation considering today's scenario.

CodinixCloud understood that a clear, customized migration was required to meet the client's requirements. Customization was required due to the scale of the application's source code and the nature of Accural Solution's existing cloud-based estate. The experts of CodinixCloud worked on the customization approach with the help of open-source applications. This process was to ensure that the migration could be adapted easily. The method also helped in delivering the benefits based on the new environment.

Before putting the final customized software into execution, we ran a duppy test to validate the process. To complete the process, it took four days of observation. Within 16 hours, the proper migration process ran effectively.

Standardized Migration Methods Were Not Up to the Task
Migrating from VSS to Azure DevOps is a complex process. For Accural Solution, this was compounded by having another application already operating on Azure DevOps. Using the typical Microsoft database migration means would have resulted in two distinct 'organisations', hindering the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) principles Accural Solution desired to assume.

Further intricacies contained the mere number of Git depositories that had to be created. It would have been too time-consuming to validate each of these manually before the migration, so CodinixCloud supported the design of a reliable alternative.

Bespoke Heavy-lifting Tactics and Estate Insights Cracked the Challenge
In the beginning, we operated closely with Accural Solution's in-house core team to review the source control of the Product, as well as work item templates and customizations. This gave us the insights we ought to develop a frictionless migration, providing the proper code was carried in the correct format and any required customizations were used in the new Azure DevOps domain.

CodinixCloud's core charge was transitioning the original code from VSS to Git-hosted in Azure DevOps. 108 Git storages had to be assembled and uploaded to the latest forum.

Since Microsoft's supported database migration tools were not feasible in this event, we utilized the open-source Git-TFS to transform the original code. Then Azure DevOps Migration tools were deployed to force the code into Accural Solution's existing Azure DevOps organization.

To endure the 108 Git repositories quickly without compromising validation, we designed a PowerShell wrapper for Git-VSS. This accomplished a sequence of reviews against the existing VSS repository ahead of the migration. Then it validated each Git repository post-migration to provide the code's performance record had been maintained. Automating this approach allowed us to quickly determine any problems with the relocated storage, so we could focus on improving them.

We also migrated approximately 600 work commodities and withdrew disproportionate customizations. This detailed mapping custom creation item classes and states in definitive styles and forms. It allowed Accural Solution to create a fresh beginning and utilize the latest work commodity prototype in Azure DevOps to apply any prospective customizations.

A Seamless Migration Help Businesses to Work Effectively
The dummy trial lasted four weeks, and the complete migration was completed in 16 hours. CodinixCloud has often executed migrations of this nature, so advisors and creators comprehend the problems they are likely to face and how to fix them.

A smooth metamorphosis suggested Accural Solution's delivery teams got back up to pace fast after the migration. CodinixCloud delivers upfront planning and post-migration help as part of our reliable migration service.

Migration is a one-off procedure, so enduring it in-house raises risk without enduring advantages. CodinixCloud addressed the entire procedure, and interruption of Accural Solution's delivery and processes was maintained to a minimum.

How Product Helped
The Accural Solution's code base appreciated a thriving and frictionless shift to the existing Azure DevOps organization, despite the scale and complicatedness of the process. The IT unit now has an enhanced capability to implant CI/CD codes and design more adaptive working patterns as it progresses toward a SaaS solution. This, in favor, promotes competitive differentiation and client fulfillment, pushing commercial advantage.

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