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New Technologies Installed in a Non-IT Company in Azure DevOps

2022-11-28 10:47:05 | By CodinixCloud

Category : Digital Transformation

Industry: Non-IT industry (Gym /Equipment)
Country or Region: Entire USA
Customer Size: 700 employees
Size of the development team: 50 employees
Client Name: Leading gym equipment manufacturing company

A US-based non-IT company using the Unix-based platform Ruby wanted to deem the latest technological implements for business expansion and deployment. To achieve this objective, the firm had a subsequent vision.

Company’s Vision
To achieve target form technologies with minimum and optimized knowledge angle for the current development unit

  1. To help them satisfactorily with their assets
  2. The more efficient implementation enabled the demonstrated advantages of Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery codes

The company chose Codinix Cloud as a partner for conducting the strategy and driving out from all in-house product infrastructures. The entire effect and deployment conditions were directed to be included.

The primary purposes were:

  1. Promoting a more reasonable way of operating in a more modern circumstance than before
  2. Guaranteeing code models in the Codinix Cloud safely

The vital concerns of Tech Stack are enclosed:

  1. Rate of initial development
  2. DevOps
  3. Resuming supervision
  4. Equipping the team with the capability to deploy and create small differences
  5. The monthly expense of the application (Opex vs Capex)
  6. Efficient usage of infrastructure

Some additional challenges contained:

  1. Integration with outward vendors such as NetSuite Cloud ERP
  2. Integration with IoT contraptions (disseminated across the USA) data, ingestion, and analytics

Solution Implemented
The professional group of Codinix Cloud first understood existing technologies and development processes. After that, the firm was obliged to do a seamless evolution, and software delivery acceleration was allowed with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. Codinix Cloud helped with the PAAS resolutions implementation.

  1. Key Business Drivers

The workload was migrated to the Cloud established on the vitality and shift course. While relocating the workload, the key business drivers that were triggered comprised:

  1. The focus must be moved from underlying infrastructure and outlets to application creation
  2. Incomparable availability, scalability, and agility of cloud resources ought to be more valuable than on-premises deployments
  3. On-demand usage design
  4. Pay-as-you-go-cost control
  5. The ones mentioned above are needed to help convert CAPEX into more diminutive pieces of OPEX
  6. Alternative explanations are required to substitute end-of-life hardware/software.
  7. Effective observation and protection authority
  8. A necessity for mixed architecture for leveraging assistance, which is not unrestricted on-premises

Azure was employed to construct deployment, and development infra utilizing ARM templates and Terraform means. Codinix Cloud mold the new stuff on serverless architecture. We decided to utilize Linux as the in-house platform to provide a habitable feel to the development unit with further modifications. Code was migrated on Azure DevOps with specified protection parameters on different factors, such as IP, zone time slot, and more.

In addition, CI/CD pipelines were allowed for deploying infra and channels for application deployment. Moreover, some elements were executed as by-products, such as code modifications, faster MTTR, and faster release, which increased team clarity.

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